Vicilook (Née Wiidin) Helps People ‘PutUp’, ‘LookOut’, Connect, Socialize & Get Updates On Important & Interesting Things In Their Immediate Or Other Vicinities.


Vicilook is the first ‘Socio-Geo-Directory’ platform in the world that helps people search, find and connect with various important things (i.e. Professional  Freelancers, Businesses, Important Places, Products, Events, Community Forums, Community Local News, Organisations, Corporate and Personal Activities) within a given vicinity, locally or globally. It is like a directory of important and interesting things in a given geographical location, which you can connect socially with and as well as get updates from those things.


It helps you find and connect to important and interesting things in a geographical location, integrates the society (Town, State, Country) of that location with the people living in that area and finally strengthens and builds that specific society via easy access to various forms and classes of information that is vital for the well being of that society, in that given geolocation.


Vicilook also helps you solve the problem of having to acquire an expensive website of your own, because it serves your Organisation or Project more than a website does, because of the fact that Vicilook provides you with every tool   and even more than a website will provide you with. The most beautiful part is that it is easier, faster and more efficient to setup and manage by you.


It has a powerful function called the Vicilook Locator, which helps to display all your business or organizations branches all over the world on a single page, helping people see all the locations of your biz or org as well as helping them find the closest one to them with just a click.


The Vicilook API Service is another special service that allows people to integrate Vicilook on their tech projects or works.