Vicilook (formerly named Wiidin till 2019) helps you connect locally and socially with important things in your present vicinity or locality.

Vicilook is the first Social Networking Directory Company in the world, founded by Dickson Cliff Okechukwu.  It helps you explore, connect and share important activities, info and things in your vicinity or any other, it helps you discover and connect with things in your present vicinity and things that you are generally interested in.

In a world today, where setting up a website for your business, organization, event or for your personal self is very inefficient and expensive, to build, manage, control and maintain, while social networks do little or nothing in giving your business the right tools to run it efficiently online, Vicilook proffers an innovative alternative solution.

Vicilook enables you to quickly setup an online presence for anything and also provides you with all the simple and innovative tools you need to run it, with ease, efficiency and profitability.

You can track the progress of your biz, organization, product, event and your social activities in real-time, connect socially and intuitively with your customers, clients, friends, and anyone who is interested in what you do or have.

Get found easily via popular Search Engines such as ‘Google’ and ‘Bing’, based on keywords and criteria relating to what you do, via Vicilook’s ‘Viciwords’

Provide the world and yourself with available and accessible data of what you and others do publicly, to enable everyone make better choices and totally aid local societies and the world at large in being a better and more efficient place.

Vicilook is a product of Epignoxis Technology Nig Ltd RC1180857 and provides various sub solutions as individual services, which include;

Vicilook Places:

Find and connect with things, people, data and info available in any current vicinity you find yourself in.

Vicilook Campus Xplorer:

This helps students find and connect with any spot, building, person and info on campus, making their stay on campus easy and seamless.

Vicilook Academic Office:

This solution helps Academic Staff and any other staff in the University and other tertiary institutions to have an online virtual office that helps them relate to students just exactly how they will do in a physical office, as well as give lectures, help students submit their academics works, get lecture notes and majorly help these Academic staff display all their Academic papers from various parts of the internet, on a single manageable page, by themselves with ease.

Vicilook Art:

This is an innovative tech that helps artists sell setup and manage a seamless Virtual Art Gallery as well as sell them to buyers in up to 2 years installments.

Our Vision:

  1. We are making local communities smarter and self sustainable by helping the inhabitants share local information that will help them make better decisions.
  2. We are helping government of communities both Local and State level make better policies via data generated from those communities based on the online activities of the people.
  3. Improving the economic status of communities by helping them discover and receive detailed info on opportunities that fits their trade and profession via data derived from trade activities on Vicilook.
  4. Improving the academic and research based institutions in those localities by providing them with data and info insights based on works which transcends to facts that would be used for research citing.
  5. Improving transparency and bridging equality in community based on providing anyone with info needed to carry out proper and smart actions and moves.
  6. Fostering sharing and easy communication among people and in any community.
  7. Helping anyone discover ‘Who’ and ‘What’ is within their reach and how to access it with ease and convenience before thinking of extending farther beyond their current locality.
  8. Using smart algorithms and AI to help people in a locality manage basic resources, based on ease of accessing these resources, the efficiency and convenience of ‘When’ and ‘How’.
  9. Improving security of communities by helping them analyze the safety of various areas of a community, based on facts and news derived from various areas and how the security agency has tackled or resolved that situation. This would also help security agencies (formal and informal) get tips from both anonymous and identified persons in that community.
  10. Innovate and digitize the activities of communities and improving on every aspect possible of that community using various forms of ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ technologies tailor-made for the present and future of that community, thereby having the capacity to predict the future of that community.

Vicilook’s singular Goal is to integrate people seamlessly with any vicinity they find themselves in or are interested in, by helping them obtain any info or data that society can offer, locally, freely and transparently.

It is like a directory of important and interesting things in a given geographical location, which you can connect socially with and as well as get updates from.