You can corporately, specially and officially get your school (i.e. A Tertiary Institution) on Vicilook via one of our Vicilook products called ‘Vicilook Campus Xplorer’ (Formerly called ‘Wiidin Campus Xplorer’) is a special, tailor-made and premium service that is offered to tertiary educational institutions, which helps them to own a digital and interactive version of their campus on the internet (online).

NOTE: Currently, this service is for Tertiary Institutions such as Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges, Monotechnics and School Of Businesses. However, we plan to include others such as Secondary Schools of large capacities in the near future. Also, this service is a corporate one, which means it can only be sold or offered officially to a School, directly via the request of the School’s Authority.


  1. A complete digitisation of every physical structure on your school’s Campus.
  2. Creating a Virtual Reality (VR) of the open spaces and sections on your Campus.
  3. Generating and populating information related to each building and open space, that will be of effective benefit for the proper functioning and sustenance of a student on your Campus.
  4. Setting up a virtual social space of various sections of your Campus, where students and staff can come on and interact socially based on their current vicinity on your Campus.
  5. Building a total Metaverse of your entire campus space, right from its main entrance gate. Where anyone can come into and function efficiently as much as they do (even more) in the physical realm.



A. For The Students:

1. Students (especially Freshmen, i.e. New Students) can easily navigate their way around the Campus without the help of any person, to find and connect with any building, special places, any office and cool spots on your Campus.

2. Students can quickly and easily discover, find and connect with anyone on campus both for social and academic reasons.

3. Students can easily get vital information relating to their departments, faculties and general school announcements.

4. Students can quickly blend in on campus and avoid being distracted and negatively affected by their new and strange environment, thereby increasing their chances of making the best out of their first years on campus and succeeding both academically and in all ramifications.

5. Students get to save time and space in trying to carry out various academic activities like course registrations, lecture holdings, etc, by simply finding out or searching for the name of that course to be registered on their School’s Vicilook Campus Xplorer’s page and which he or she will be shown the current building or office responsible for the registration of that course.

6. Students can socially discover and connect with new and old students of his or her Department, Faculty or the entire campus and easily share vital information that would help him or her stay efficient, secured and productive on and outside Campus.

7. Students can easily share digital items and even physical items with fellow students on campus.

8. Students can easily help other students via Question and Answer functions of the Chat tools for their various sections on Campus.

9. Students have the capacity to derive academic info digitally to their mobile phone in form of a mail Notification of directly on the Chat section’s ‘Notices’, from their various Departments and Faculties, which was initially displayed on their Departmental or Faculty Notice Boards.

10. Students will also have the capacity to Trade both digital and Physical items amongst them as being regulated by the School’s Authority, securely and properly tracked in real-time.


B. For The Schools:

1. Schools will have an unlimited capacity to present a digital and innovative solution for their students to easily navigate their complex campuses.

2. Schools will be able to see in real-time what’s going on on their campus (i.e. The Social Activities) thereby deriving rich and valuable data on how the students exist and function on their campuses, thereby helping them design formulas on how best to care for their students.

3. Schools will have the capacity to effectively and rapidly disseminate information to their students and staff without moving and running around the campus or office.

4. Schools will have the great and absolute PRIVATE ability to get Feedbacks and Responses from their students and staff, thereby enabling them understand and discover what their students especially, want from the authority and also guide them in the right direction as to how to maintain a peaceful, conducive and productive environment for the students.

5. Schools will also have an innovative and friendly means to have add an Internally Generated Revenue for the itself to further the development of the school and its staff and students.

6. Schools will have the capacity to help incoming and persons interested in coming into their School to virtually tour and understand their school, which will help a lot in making entrance very interesting for those persons.

7. This will also help in boosting the discoverability, visibility and accessibility of your school, even at a Global level.


A small booklet which we call ‘Campus Guide for Students, Book Of Codes’ will be printed based on the number of your Students and issued to your School, to be sold to your Students.
See the mini booklet below, it’s an example of an already executed project for a notable tertiary institution in Anambra State, Nigeria and what the mini booklet looks and functions like.
Flip it just like you flip a real book, to see all about its content.

[3d-flip-book id=”130772″ ][/3d-flip-book]



Simply send us an official email using your School’s official email address along side with the school’s letter heading, digitally, requesting that your school would love to have this service, addressed to us at and we will reply within 48 hours of receiving your mail.


This will be disclosed privately in the content of the reply we will mail back to you, after we receive your mail request.

For further enquiry and clarifications, simply and officially talk to us HERE (CLICK)