This is a new First-Of-Its-Kind technology that primarily helps a manufacturing company or a company that imports a manufactured product to build a digital security or protection for all their products.

This digital security is built to help prevent piracy, imitation or counterfeiting of the original manufacturer’s authentic products.

There are two categories of products under this service and they include;




In the case of PACKAGED EDIBLES, do you want to help your new and old customers or just anyone around the world authenticate your NAFDAC number by just typing your number on Google Search or by scanning a unique code on your product’s label, to totally prevent or fight-off people cloning and using your NAFDAC number on their product label or illegally using your product and company’s name, this is the ONLY and BEST innovative technology for you.

Below are major benefits of adopting our technology;


Benefits of Using Vicilook Product Protection.

  1. To avoid another company cloning and using your NAFDAC number on their own product.
  2. To help consumers confirm and authenticate the genuineness of your NAFDAC Number (Vicilook gets the validation of Numbers directly from NAFDAC).
  3. Consumers or anyone can use their smartphone and Google your NAFDAC Number and see that your Product’s Name, Pictures and other related info as the only result.
  4. Consumers can use this technology to report any product imitating your name or number to YOU or NAFDAC DIRECTLY, respectively.
  5. Consumers can also use this to connect and relate socially with your company, thereby helping you know and connect directly with your customers around the world.
  6. Your company will have the capacity to digitally know what Locations your customers are seeing and using your product from.
  7. Your company will be able to display special forms like ‘BE OUR DISTRIBUTOR’ on your Vicilook page, alongside your Terms & Conditions, enabling anyone that qualifies to quickly and seamlessly fill the form and submit, which will be directly sent to your Email Address as a Submitted Form and helping connect and responding easily to them, thereby helping expand your wonderful business with ease and convenience.
  8. You will have the capacity to collect very special and vital info about your product through the ‘PRIVATE REVIEW’ section, which helps you PRIVATELY see and know what your customers think about your product. NOTE: What customers write and say can only be seen by you via your email inbox, the public cannot see what customers are writing, customers can only see the submission form but when they write and send, it goes straight to your Email’s Inbox.
  9. Your product will also be assigned a UNIQUE Custom Vicilook SCAN2LOOK Code alongside personal V-Link, which can be printed directly on the surface of your product’s label, enabling consumers scan the code with their Smartphones or simply type in the V-Link on their browsers, to see every info of your product and company as well as connect or relate with your company, with ease and convenience. See some products already using our Technology.
  10. Vicilook For ProductsVicilook For ProductsVicilook For ProductsDue to our beautiful PARTNERSHIP WITH NAFDAC, this technology is SECURED and will as well SECURE your product anywhere in the world, as it also helps NAFDAC to carry out their solemn duty in protecting consumers and your product’s identity, especially using a technology that is easy to use by anyone out there and even when anyone both locally and globally wants to partner or do business with your company, they will be convinced of its Health Capacity and Approval because they will see a ‘NAFDAC APPROVED’ green badge on your Vicilook Page when they Google your NAFDAC Number, Scan the Unique Vicilook Code on your Label or just type in the unique V-Link on your Product’s Label without looking for your office or your phone number.
  11. Vicilook For Products
  12. Vicilook For Products


Just recently, we sealed a partnership and collaboration with NAFDAC (Anambra Zone), to deploy Vicilook on products already registered with them in seeing that they apply our technology on their products to combat Rev Number Cloning and counterfeiting.
The picture  below is an image of a poster you would see in their offices and some other places where they operate.

Vicilook For Products