This is one of our most interesting technological innovations which was built to replace the physical booklet known as the Church Directory and Lectionary, which is a property of the Church that contains all the basic details of all the Priests and workers in a given Diocese or Church.

DICDAL 1.0 was officially launched in September, 2022 and was first introduced to The Nnewi Diocese Of The Anglican Communion under the leadership of Bishop Ndubuisi Obi.



( L-R,  Bishop Ndubuisi Obi, Bishop of Nnewi Diocese Of The Anglican Communion and Dickson Cliff Okechukwu, Founder & CEO of Vicilook, pose for a photo in the Bishop’s Office, both displaying the first ever DICDAL banner belonging to the Nnewi Diocese of the Anglican Communion )


Some of the functionalities of DICDAL includes;

1. It gives anyone on the globe verified and current info on all the Real & Ordained Priests in a given Diocese of the Anglican Communion.

2. It provides any verified ordained Priests with the right form of international exposure, therefore anyone can find and know more about our Priests via Google Search or any other search engine in the world and be able to connect or support their missionary works, as well as providing them with the means to document their life’s missionary works as seen in the Bible’s Acts of The Apostles and other servants or Prophets, which will be online and accessible even after the death of that Priest.

3. Anyone around the globe can find and Connect with all the Churches & Institutions owned by a Diocese, which enables anyone on the globe to reach out and support their Home Churches and projects going on, pay their Tithes, Offerings or Donations, as well as contact any of the current Priests in their Home Church or any other under their Diocese.

4. The Diocese can also provide its members or congregations with current and vital info about all the ordained Priests in the Diocese as well as where they are being currently posted for church duty, likewise important details of those individual churches.

5. With just the scanning of a QrCode or entering of a ViciLink on a banner or a pamphlet, the Church members can quickly connect with the Priests, Workers and Churches in their own Diocese, which can be hung and displayed at the entrance of the Churches or the Church’s Secretariat.

6. With over 100 foundations in America and Europe that support local Churches in Africa, Vicilook DICDAL 1.0 provides these organizations with only VERIFIED Churches and Priests for their various support programs and Charity courses in fostering the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, thereby only Churches and Priests which have been properly scrutinized and verified by their Diocese will be displayed on the global platform and given an opportunity to be reached out to by any Charity organization out there.

7. In a world today where the digital world has dominated the physical world, where anyone can pose to be an Ordained Priest from a known Church Denomination, Diocese or Parish, either in the physical world or digital world, there is a need to provide the general public with a digital tool and openly accessible online platform where anyone from any part of the globe can see all verified priests, individually connected to their various Diocese or Church denominations, just with the click of a button on their mobile devices connected to the internet, in order to drastically reduce or eliminate scams and online frauds.

To see a sample of churches that are currently using this technology, here is the Nnewi Diocese of the Anglican Communion which adopted it on November, 2022, do click HERE to see their Priests and click  HERE to see their Parishes & Institutions.

Send us an official mail with your Church or Diocese Letterhead, to dicdal@vicilook.com, if you would love your Diocese or Church to benefit from this transformative and developmental innovation.

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