The Vicilook Yearbook is a beautiful and exciting product of ours, which helps graduands and alumni anywhere in the world to build a digital, highly secured, expandable, personalized, local but globally accessible framework that contains everyone that graduated or belongs to a same school year, whereby each graduand or alumnus has a page dedicated to him or her, to contain very vital and interesting info about him or her and most importantly using a single secured link ( Vicilook Synapse Technology ) to connect all the verified graduands or alumni on a single highly secured page that cannot be altered or manipulated, which showcases all the individuals that actually belong to one School graduation set or time.



  1. Provides a highly secured data and info on actual individuals that were part of graduation year from a school.
  2. It serves as a very valid source of verification and authentication.
  3. It provides a platform for an alumnus to reflect back, bask in nostalgia and maybe create room for a need to meet up.
  4. It is not just very very affordable compared to the contemporary Paper version of a yearbook but also requires a one-time payment that would retain your page till the end of time.
  5. It is more secured than the paper version, in the sense that it cannot be physically tampered with or destroyed.
  6. It is more accessible than the paper version, therefore it can be accessed by anyone around the globe.
  7. A Graduate can be looked up on popular search engines such as Google and Bing by typing their full name and found via his or her Vicilook Yearbook Page and this can serve as a powerful means of verifying if he or she actually graduated from a specific School and Department alongside or vital info that comes along it.
  8. Due to the fact that it’s digital, it contains unlimited spaces to add as many details of an individual as possible, therefore more columns can be added which a paper version would never be able to contain due to more space, more money and time it would demand, in order to give more life to the School’s Yearbook. Due to its unlimited advantage over the boring and ‘Old School’ paper version, We-Yearbook will keep adding features which can be later updated in the future by the alumnus that own that page and this helps it to be current ( This Feature can also be Turned-Off if not wanted by the School or Department).
  9. It can also be inserted into one’s CV as a link or QrCode found on the individual pages, which an employer can easily scan or visit to get more details on the job applicant’s academic details.
  10. It provides a transparent, public and very quick means of validating who and whom actually graduated from which school, when and even what they picked up along their journey as a student.
  11. Social Media Handles of the graduands (such as Facebook, twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc) can be displayed on their individual pages, to enable their colleagues or anyone out there to socially connect with the graduand, at the moment and in the future.
  12. It can be used for international validation because of the Vicilook Synapse Technology integrated into its framework.

To view some existing examples, click HERE (for Secondary Schools) or HERE (for Tertiary Schools).

If interested, simply apply as a School or a Department and send an email to .

This service costs just a ONE TIME payment fee of  ₦1000 (for Nigerians) or  $1 (for Internationals), per Graduand or Class Member and this fee sustains your page for life (NO HIDDEN OR FUTURE CHARGES).


1. Your page will only be meaningful if it’s connected with a valid and approved Yearbook.

2. In order to approve a Yearbook, payment made by the School or Departmental Head must correspond with the total number of Graduands or Students that are being included into the Yearbook page, any discrepancies will result to disapproval of the Yearbook page as at the point of ‘Page Submission’ or after submission.

3. The head of the Class setting up the page must ensure that anyone included in the Yearbook page must be a verified student in order to avoid suspension of such page in the future.

4. A Yearbook must be validated by Vicilook before being approved for open online visibility, this is to ensure that we uphold our promise to providing a secured and factual information to the general public.

5. A Yearbook that needs to be updated after one year would need to make an additional undisclosed fee which would be communicated to the group or individual, as this is to discourage tampering of existing facts already known by associates or the general public.

6. Payment made for this service must reflect the exact number of Graduands or Students that are to be included in the Yearbook.



1. Graduands whom have been granted access by the head or individual who setup their Yearbook are allowed to update their page at any point in time and as many time as possible for free, whenever.

2. The individual or group that initiated and setup their Yearbook page has the full right to exclude and report any page belonging to a member of the Class that was once published as part of the Class.

3. Vicilook on its part on fairness, has the power to look closely into a matter of a reported or excluded page and has the power to enforce a decision after deeply investigating the matter in all forms of fairness and hearing especially a situation where a minimum 10 members report to us via our email address for this purpose with a unanimous claim that a certain or more persons are not supposed to be among the people displayed as Members of their Class or Set.

4. Vicilook has the total right to suspend a page due to violation of our T&C whenever needed without seeking permission, consultation or notice to the owner or owners of the Yearbook page.

5. Vicilook has no right to interfere or dictate whom should or should not be among the list of members of a particular set or class for it totally dependent on the members of a class to state or enlist whom and whom are actual members or one of them.

NB: Vicilook also uses its ‘Time Stamp Technology’ in validating whether a person who was later added after 1 Year of graduation of a class is actually Legit or Fraud and when reports are made about this person(s), as stipulated  on the Legal section above, Vicilook will go ahead and exercise its rights of the Terms of Agreement to totally suspend or delete the entire CLASS YEAR BOOK, for this will serve as a deterrence and warning to former and later applicants, never to meddle with the CLASS YEAR BOOK while creating or updating it.



Vicilook will only make a refund in a case where payment was made with a Yearbook being created and no refund will be made as soon as the Yearbook page is being created by the applicants and approved by Vicilook, for as soon as the Yearbook page is being setup after which full payment is made, no refund will be made, irrespective of whether members have been added to the Yearbook page or not.

Also, in a case where a page violates any of our T&C and we suspend or delete it, no refund will be made too.




  1. The Head or President of the Department must be the one to initiate this process of creating a Vicilook Yearbook for his or her department. It must be carried out only at Departmental capacity or level and NOT at Faculty level.
  2. The departmental president should apply by sending a mail to and calling us on +2349136705002, to enable us provide various foundational prerequisites for their Yearbook as well verifying and approve their application.
  3. After he or she applies, he or she can go ahead and first login or create an account on Vicilook and in order to create his or her own Graduand page, see image below for illustration on how; 
  4. Then he or she should go back and create their Department’s Yearbook page, click HERE to see how.
  5. After creating the Yearbook page, he or she should make payment for the total number of students in his or her set, in order to have the Yearbook page approved and open for editing and updating.
  6. After the approval of the Yearbook, the President or student head of the department should go ahead to ask his colleagues to start creating their own Graduand Pages by sending this link ( ) to them via a WhatsApp platform or any other medium for communicating to all member of students in his or her department;
  7. After a student creates his ‘Graduand Page’ he or she should inform the student head of the department to enable him or her add the Graduand via the Yearbook page, to see how to do this, click HERE.
  8. The process above should be used anytime there is a need to add a new Graduand whose page has been created and is ready for addition by the Student Head via the Yearbook page.



  1. The School’s authority as the Principal must be the one to initiate the application process by requesting for the service by sending a mail to .
  2. After the application is sent and approved by Vicilook, the Principal or School Head should assign the process of getting the students info and setting up their pages as well as the Yearbook page, to a Staff or individual who is Computer and Internet literate.
  3. The staff or person assigned to setup the Yearbook should first create a Student’s Yearbook Form should device an efficient means to acquire the students info and create their individual Graduand pages. Click HERE to see how to create the Student’s pages.
  4. After creating all the individual graduand pages, he or she should create the Yearbook page (click HERE to see how to) and begin adding the names of the students (Click HERE to see how to do that).

For any enquiries or complains, send a mail to or call +2349136705002.

By tapping  the black ‘CREATE NOW’ button below in order to create your Department or School’s Yearbook, it means you have digested and agreed to all the T&C as well as all the other vital contents of this page.

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