Vicilook’s states that as long as you register and use Vicilook, every information you post, except your password will be visible to the public, except when you do not publish it.

Vicilook will never be responsible for any business information posted on its site, if you see what you do not like, simply report it to the Vicilook team via .

Some services of  Vicilook are premium and thereby you will be charged extra for it enquire more about this via

Premium Ads may be published in the future if need arises, for its one of the mediums through which Vicilook may decide to generate revenue, to ensure it does not fold up and shut down its service due to lack of operation funds.



Anyone can create an account on Vicilook either by oneself personally or via our company’s staff or by any proxy or person on your behalf as long there is a consent or approval (as in the case of our company’s staff creating an account for you when a page creation is being requested by you or your organisation).

In a case of a violation such as a case where a user is being reported for abuse or misconduct by another user or being discovered by Vicilook management, your account will be suspended or deleted completely (depending on the weight or severity).


Vicilook, like other internet application, social network and online platform, also allows google and any other web platform to crawl its pages, posts and other permitted contents, but we advice our users to hasten this act of crawling by attaracting traffic from various ip addresses and devices, this is because Vicilook, like any other web platform, relies also on both internal and external web traffic. To hasten your page’s visibility on google search engine, simply share your page’s link and contents with other people via your page or link on other web platform and social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. This systematic act makes it faster for google to crawl your page and makes it visible on it.

Also, we encourage and advice on the use of a function you see when you are creating your page, we call ‘Viciwords’, which allows you tell google what it should do for, on what search ‘Keywords’ (i.e. Sentences and Phrases that mostly serve as questions) it should reflect or show up your page, when people type it on google search box. This helps your page attract viewers based on the conditional queries you want for your page.

Using both these functions and system, your page will Popup on google search as early as possible.

In the case where you do all these as mentioned above and your page does not still reflect on google search results, do let us know via



A registered online user of our product (Vicilook or, whether you requested that an account be created on your behalf by any of our company’s staff or by any other person as form of assistance or you created your account yourself, has the right to create a page on Vicilook and launched via approval by our company after all conditions to launch a page are met.



Every payment made with your approval either directly or indirectly is non-refundable.



In a case where a page is created for you, as a result of an order placed by you ( Person who ordered that the page be created ) via any medium of communication, payment will be required to be made after page is being launched and in the case where a page is launched and the person who ordered for that page refuses to pay, a legal action will be carried against you or your organisation, depending on who placed the order and in the case where our company decides not to take a legal action, we would suspend other  pages owned by that same person or organisation that refuses to pay for an order they made or we as a company will substitute their page for different page owned by another.



A person or an organisation that created a page has the right to shut down or close his or her or their page as seem fit.  In the case where the person or organisation is owing us, the page’s ownership and administration will become that of our company. Therefore we advice that anyone using our product and decides to shut down or delete their page or pages should ensure that a year’s subscription for that page has been paid, as soon as that page enters a day (within) 24 hours after initial subscription ends.



A user has the right to delete his, her or their personal account anytime without interference by us.


IMPORTANT INFO: Please know that the policy to use Vicilook ( A product of Epignoxis Technology Nigeria Limited, RC1180857 ) will always change with time, so ensure to always Seen and Check this page over time.


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