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The name P.O.P EXPERTS ( Ceiling world) is a name to reckon with in the world of ceiling both local and International.
The vision that brought about this great company was given to Mr, Nelson Emeka Langafor who hails from North West Province of Cameroun. He is the 2nd child of his parents who are both Camerounians. He was born in Ozubulu Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra state in the Eastern part of Nigeria. He was later taken back home where he stayed with his aunty and started his basic education. On graduation from Ormbe technical school, he started hustling as a young boy in order to make ends meet, he also engaged in farm work with his beloved grand ma of blessed memory to raise some money which when that was gotten, he was sent to engage in apprenticeship work where he gained more knowledge, skills and experience from his master in the person of Mr, Isidore Nganchi of blessed memory for a period of 5 years, there by equipping his self for a great task ahead. On completion of his apprenticeship training, he was freed and quest to become a better man ensue. In 2002, he moved down to Nigeria in order to expand his horizon, therby settling down in Ozubulu, his place of birth. After searching for Greener pastures in Ozubulu, by engaging in many menial jobs like labourer, Hawking of locally made pots , it seems life was not being sweet which promoted him to perch tents with his master who was already in Nigeria then at Housing Estate onitsha. He began serving his master again where he was paid peanut after each job and this didn’t go down well with him and he moved and started staying in an uncompleted building in onitsha until 2005, when light beamed on him by getting his first ever contract from Mr. Ekene Umeji from Oraukwu. After completion of the work, he finally moved down to Nnewi in Nnewi North L.G.A of Anambra state & his long awaiting heart desire of opening a company became a reality and the company was open with the name” Nelson Professionals”in Umudim Nnewi in Nnewi North L.G.A with only 2 boys and living in a room face- me hoping for a better and brighter future.
After sometimes , jobs weren’t forth coming again,and the little money he was able to save in the bank was also put on hold in then Citizens bank for over a period of 9 months, he then began production of locally made pots which were hawk by his boys in different markets to sustain life but he never gave up.
As days turn to weeks and weeks to months, months to years, things began to gradually turn around for good and contracts began to come, he began to engage in training of boys with over 35 trained already who are masters on their own today and doing great.
In 2010,, due to his love for standards and quality, the company’s name was changed to Nelson. Langafor Ceiling world Ent which was registered as a sole proprietor business with 50 letter headed papers, 20 complimentary cards and 5 pieces of receipt booklet.
His passion for the growth and success of job which has always been driven by the vision of the company”making homes and living comfortable, affordable and reliable” had kept inspiring him for greatness and Excellence. He is a man whose vision is still maintained due to his passion and desire in eradicating fake, quackery and sub- standard in building world. His vision and mission were achieved as he engaged in production of his own products including, P.O.P EXPERT PUTTY GOLD and PREMIUM Screeding paints and sales of those materials used for the work. His vision was also to ” maintain a quality and durable homes led to the slogan you build a house, we make it a home”.
The journey to the establishment of this great company fought so many challenges including:
1:Lack of mobility as the company began with one old used red jaqua motorcycle thereby limiting movement and going far for some works.
2: Language/ Communication barriers also played a great challenging role especially in the rural areas due to his inability to communicate fluently in Igbo language.
3: Financial constrain; this was also great obstruction as most suppliers of goods refused selling with out payment first from his side, thereby making him loose some contracts as clients insist on work before payment, delay and refusal to pay on time and completion of the agreed amount from the clients side.4: Man- power resources as boys are no more interested in apprenticeship works.
5: Betrayal by staffs as some will by pass him and collect the job, there by living him in the shadow of his self
6: Environmental factors including fall from the roof, injury from nail puncture and the incident that happened during the invasion of famous. Okija shrine by security operatives to mention but a few stood against this growth of the company but he stood and conquered those challenging times there by standing the test of time which had made the company to be tested and trusted any where any time with the help of God who has been his strength, hope and bed- rock.
On July Ist 2022, the company was officially registered with CAC with the name: P.O.P EXPERTS, CHEMICALS AND CEILING WORLD LTD with over 20 staffs present.
Finally, his wonderful family especially his wife and daughter stood by him and for him with all maximum support given & encouragement which contributed also the greatness of the company. P.O.P EXPERTS , CHEMICALS AND CEILING WORLD LTD became what is it today due to his honesty , transparency and sincere life style.

BELOW ARE TO MENTION BUT A FEW PERSONALITIES & PLACES the company has rendered service to;
– Chief Ben Amuta ( Beniks groups).
– Chief Cletus Ibeto ( The Ibeto group)
– Chief Innocent Chukwuma( Innoson group)
– Chief Bontus(Verdict of God groups)
– Mr. Buda
– Mr.Cigartto.
– High Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonu (Bishop Ozubulu)
– Chief Egbuna( Retired DSP).
– Chief Osimatech Obodoekwe.
– Chief Ifeanyi Ubanze( High Roof Aluminum).
– Chief Chukwudi Okorji
– Chief Emma Uba(Emma Aba groups ).
– Chief Chukwuma( Adamu)
– Chief Raymond Ikejiofor.
– Chief Kenneth Adili ( Powell group)
– Princes of Abba kingdom.
– Barr. Chinedu Adili ( Mings group)
– Lady princess Nwafor Orizu of blessed memory.
– Lady Gracial salad.

Train stations Nnewi
Dabara Hotels
Beverly Hills hotel
St. Aloysius Catholic Church
Living Faith church Nnewi ( willful donation).
ENUGU: Mr. Micheal Asogwa( Be smart world)
The Lots parks in ENUGU Ezike.
Imo state.
Mr. Chinedu Vitus( Avatar group)
Late chief C.A Okoli ( Retired CBN director owerri branch)
Mr. Desmond.
Other places include Ibadan, Lagos, Jos , Delta, Abia, Rivers etc.
To the glory of God, the company has other sectors including: Paint production
Sales of. Materials and Equipment
Training/ Empowerment
Consultancy services with branches in Nnewi, Nsukka and Asaba.
The company has also engaged in youth empowerment programs and sponsoring of a foot ball competition among youths of different villages.


Ceiling At Dabara Hotel, Nnewi

Ceiling At Dabara Hotel, Nnewi

Ceiling of a Client’s Private Residence

Ceiling of a Client’s Private Palace In Anambra





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