Oyiborokae Sikereoghene Alexandra
Oyiborokae Sikereoghene Alexandra
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God's Own, Headset, Alex, Potato, Siks, Lexy, XiXi
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Hello👋, my name is Oyiborokae Sikereoghene Alexandra or Alex if you don’t like the stress😅. I’m a soon to be graduated final year student of Psychology in the University of Nigeria Nsukka(Super excited😁). I’m an introvert with an obsessive love for music(the kind I like).A firm believer of God who’s just blown away at how far He’s brought me.

Graduation Year
My Place of Origin
Abraka, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria
My Birthday
My Hobby(ies)
Reading, crocheting, writing, watching anime, listening to music
My Future Career
Writer, Developmental/Counselling psychologist, Life coach
Awards & Recognitions

Does being told “I love your outfit!” On an extremely consistent basis count,if not…then a few people have told me I give great hugs😊

Fav Subject / Course
Developmental psychology
Fav Teacher / Lecturer
Can't remember her name (extremely poor of me as a student) but she taught counseling psychology, and she's extremely cute. One of the most friendly lecturers I've known.
My Best Friend
I only have like 2 real friends at the moment, they're both my best friends.
My Fav Celeb
I have none, I care about the works/the art more than the people themselves (sorry😅)
Fav Book
This is tough, I can't choose, but I'm currently into "Until Today!" By Iyanla Vanzat (hope I got the name right😅)
Fav Movie
Of all time... that's just unfair, there's so many! Umm, Howl's Moving Castle was one of my firsts... it's an anime movie though, does that count?
Fav Quote
One day at a time...baby steps, you'll get there eventually.
Life’s Philosophy

To live well, be happy and love deeply, so that when I grow old and look back on the years…I’ll be able to smile and say “yeah…I did that”

My Remarks
To the students.Enjoy your time here,when it's over it'll seem surreal. Do the best you can but make sure you work hard. Oh and don't let peer pressure get to you, that thing bites😂. It may seem confusing and too much at first but it'll all make sense one
School's Vicinity
Nsukka, Enugu, Nigeria
If I become President of my Nation,
Umm, not sure, sleep I guess. Cause all that campaigning would have worn me out!
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