Chukwuejim Miracle Nkemjika
Chukwuejim Miracle Nkemjika
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Hello, I’m Miracle Nkemjika, a graduate of psychology department in UNN 0’23 set. I’m a gorgeous Igbo woman from Nkanu east. I’m a peaceful lady who loves God and a good life. I’m the 4th daughter of my family . I’m a nail tech with the brand name Nkem nails. I’d love to major in clinical psychology.

Graduation Year
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Isigbo Nara, Nkanu east, Enugu state, Nigeria
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Good music, Reading, Sleeping, My sister and my friends, Chopping life, Spending time with my Jesus, Minding my business
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Clinical psychologists
Awards & Recognitions

Certification of service as the departmental Treasurer.
Best Acedemic group leader.

Fav Subject / Course
Motivation and Emotion
Fav Teacher / Lecturer
Dr. Kanu
My Best Friend
Mercy Samuel, my sister.
My Fav Celeb
Fav Book
AThe Bible, practicing the presence of Now. Atomic habit, worship and sex controls.
Fav Movie
Vincenzo, Avatar, prophet suddenly, Etc.
Fav Quote
The only thing that does not have a solution is death... So everything will be fine so far you're still alive.
Life’s Philosophy

Living an intentional life is everything. Life don’t just happen, you make it happen.

My Remarks
I'm grateful for the wealth of knowledge imparted in me. I'm grateful for my amazing friends like Cheta, Nnedi, Winner, Divine,Ruth, Ebube, Alex and Dumebi that made school journey worth it.
School's Vicinity
NSUKKA, Enugu, Nigeria
If I become President of my Nation,
Rebuild the spiritual structure of the country.
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