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I am Miss Okolo Chiemerie Lucy, a graduate of psychology,Unn. I am the first in a family of 6 children. I am positive, talented and creative. I am different in a positive way. I cherish meaningful relationship where both party have each others back. Lies, putting on airs and pretence are my poison.
I believe in cordial relationship with people but it takes one or two to tangle. Friends are worth having but I don’t make them easily so I do appear alone most times but I have what others don’t have; which is “me” as my best friend, advisor and manager.
I hope to specialize as a forensic psychology, the field is intriguing at least let me be less bored and effectively employ my suppressed deviance parts and critical mind in something that is worth it.

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Umudim, Aguobuowa, Ezeagu, Enugu
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Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Writing, Table tennis,
My Future Career
Forensic psychologist
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Naps treasurer National (2022/2023)

Fav Subject / Course
Forensic psychology
Fav Teacher / Lecturer
Dr. Mrs Nneoma Onyedire
My Best Friend
OJukwu Justus Chukwuma
My High School Crush
Okonkwo Christen
My Fav Celeb
Ekene Umenwa
Faith Campus Body
Nfcs, Legion of Mary, Gospel Band, Choir
Fav Book
Tommorow I become a woman, All Lagos men are mad, the desert princess, half a yellow sun, the bottled leopard
Fav Movie
Bridgeton, From where, Stranger things, secret of the circle, breath of life,the black book etc
Fav Quote
I came, I saw, I conquered and I am still conquering.
High School Sweetheart
Ozioko Chibuike Matthew
Life’s Philosophy

What you deserve in life will find you but then know when to fight for it or leave it.
Do know how to pick your battles.

My Remarks
What is worth doing is worth doing best
School's Vicinity
Nsukka, Enugu, Nigeria
If I become President of my Nation,
I will influence to impact.
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