Ajima Makuochukwu Rita
Ajima Makuochukwu Rita
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Makky Rita
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My name is Makky Rita. I’m the 2nd of 6 children. I’m a graphic designer and very passionate about personal growth. I love music, walks, dancing and many other things. I’m many things to many people(playful, annoying, reserved, funny etc). It just depends on who you are and how I feel around you. I wish you all the best🤟🏼. Cheers.

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Amagu-idike, Nguru, Nsukka, Nigeria
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Playing music, dancing, reading(comics, self growth books and Bible mostly). I love designing either for work or as practice. I love games too both the real life ones and digital ones. I love going for walks too and the gym sometimes.
My Future Career
A tech guru
Fav Subject / Course
Fav Teacher / Lecturer
My High School Crush
Someone somewhere
Fav Book
This is hard haha. "The art of not giving a fuck"
Fav Movie
I have no favorite lol
Fav Quote
Not sure what my favorite one is but I love this one. "Quit playing life according to others rules and just do you. So long you doing you isn't at the expense of anyone"
High School Sweetheart
Haha none
Life’s Philosophy

Think good, talk good and do good.

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School's Vicinity
Nsukka, Enugu, Nigeria
If I become President of my Nation,
We'll find out then.
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