VICILOOK creates lots of Job opportunities within the four walls of the company, globally and locally, as well as creates Jobs outside of the four walls of the company.


Vicilook within a short period of its creation, has been able to create jobs both within the company and outside the company walls, in the sense that includes the following;

• Vicilookers ( People work at Vicilook based on a Hub Vicinity, which could be in any town location of a state. They go about helping companies and individuals PutUp and manage their Businesses, Organisation, Events, Activities, etc on Vicilook)

• Vicilook Attaché (People who attach themselves to various businesses and organisations, in order to help them place and manage their businesses and any other kind of thing they can showcase on the internet via Vicilook, these individuals act as adhoc staff in the individual companies)



Vicilook has the sole vision to integrate people with their Vicinities to enable them access and easily share information they need to survive, grow and advance as a community, for this reason, Vicilook has turned out to be an ecosystem made up of both a living society and computers and thereby creating various forms of virtual tools for people to use in advancing what ever good thing they do in their various societies.

This therefore creates room for people to build a career for themselves both within the company and outside it.