Follow the STEP below to create your Graduand page with ease.


Open Vicilook’s website and create your user account or login if you already have an account and after doing that quickly locate & click on the big green button that says ‘Create A Page’ among all the big buttons, which may not be in the same exact position as seen in the image below;

How To Create A Graduand Page



Click on the grey ‘ADD A GRADUAND’ button to take you to a page where you’ll setup your page. See image below.

How To Create A Graduand Page



Fill the form and ‘SUBMIT’, after creating your Graduand Page, if you are a Tertiary institute Student, quickly inform the coordinator of the Yearbook project (which should be the Dept President or Head) to add your name to the Yearbook’s page which he or she is handling. Remember, you must make a required payment for he or she to add your name to the Yearbook’s page but if you are the one handling that of the Secondary school, simply go back to the Yearbook page and add the students names, one at a time before saving the page.

For any assistance or enquiry, contact your Dept Head if you are a tertiary institution student or write us at is you are a Secondary school head.