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    Jerry Kings Laundry Shop, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria, is your most reliable one stop centre for every kind of laundry services for every kind of garment and material. Jerry kings laundry also offers home cleaning services at very competitive rates. The advantage of having your garment delivered to you promptly at either your workplace or home is also available.

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    LONA BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY is an independent ultramodern/privately owned medical diagnostic center located at the heart of Obollo-Afor in Udenu Local Government(Eastern Gateway) of Enugu state, Nigeria. The local government shares common boundary with Benue state and equally accessible to people of Kogi state. The center is founded in 2008 by a group of men/women of like minds with Chief Onah L. O. S (MLS) as the CEO/Medical Director. It is a multipurpose interdisciplinary diagnostic center with well trained and experienced medical scientists that man each specialty. LONA BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY is registered with CAC, Enugu state ministry of health and other regulatory agencies including MLSCN. It is also in collaboration with National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme to stamp out tuberculosis. The vision of the center is”bringing modern diagnostic medicine to the grassroot” especially at this the world is experiencing emerging and re-emerging of infectious diseases. And also medical tourism is sapping Nigeria of her already febrile economy. The mission statement of LONA BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY is to improve diagnostic practice through quality service delivery and global best practices. Our Values: > High quality diagnostic services which are dependable, credible, accurate, reliable and timely. > Value-for-money service; which services are affordable, easily accessible and efficient in-time through the use of state of art ultramodern diagnostic equipment- ISO certified. > Integrity, honesty and respect for patient’s/client’s integrity and personality. Meet our staff: LONA BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY believes that the accuracy of test results relies not only on the quality of equipment being used but also on the technical proficiency of the workers. As a multidisciplinary diagnostic center, she has a number of licensed medical experts pooled from different disciplines covering all units. – Medical Laboratory Scientists (different specialties) – Medical Imaging Scientist _Medical Laboratory Technicians – Medical Laboratory Assistant(with special training in phlebotomy). – Medical Record Officer – Support staff. Our Services: > General medical laboratory diagnosis: – Chemical pathology: Routine/specialized investigations. – Haematology/ Blood group serology. – Microbiology: Routine (Bacteriology, Parasitology, Serology) and specialized tests (Virology and Mycology). > Medical Research. > Disease outbreak surveillance and epidemiological studies. > Tuberculosis case identification and treatment monitoring(AFB Microscopy). This is in collaboration with NTBLCP. The service is free of charge. >Medical Imaging services – Ultrasound/Scan of different forms – X-RAY and X-RAY aided investigations. Our Collaborators > WHO > NTBLCP 🔬

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    Blades of Gold Salon, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria is a professional barbering and hair care salon for both sexes that offers the best barbering services with special experience in every kind of hair designs and haircuts. Blades of Gold Salon offers its customers a unique barbering experience dished out by professionally trained barbers at the most reasonable rates you can find around. We are also readily available for special home services anywhere around the Nsukka Metropolis. 💇‍♂️