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    Gtechno Interlink Nig. Ltd. RC1412541, Nsukka, Enugu, under the auspices of which Okpe spice is produced, is a subsidiary of P.Onward Group of Companies. In the sphere of the production of seasonings in Nigeria, Africa and the world over, Gtechno Interlink Nig Ltd has come up with a major breakthrough. Over the years, Okpeye Nsukka has been a highly cherished condiment in Nigeria. Therefore, Okpeye is not strange in Nigeria. However, irrespective of the exceptional palatability of this condiment, people,especially the elites, are now becoming scared of buying it in our various markets without asking serious questions. The reasons behind these ugly developments are not far fetched. The first issue that quickly comes to mind is the unhygienic condition under which Okpeye is prepared by women in our various communities. They often cook and wash it with dirty water, especially flood water, which poses serious health challenges to people. It is equally unfortunate that after grinding the fermented Okpeye, those women mold it into desired sizes and expose it to the sun for drying,in the course of which, flies of different sizes and colors will have the unrestricted vantage to perch on it. The worst of it all is that due to quest for profit maximization,the women who are into the business of preparation and sale of Okpeye have resorted to mixing it with different kinds of substances with a view to increasing its quantity. They usually mix it with Ajinomoto(maggi white), unripe banana, soya beans, melon, etc. However, there is no cause for alarm, because with the new innovation brought about by Gtechno, lasting solutions have been proffered to the above issues. Interestingly,the first major breakthrough of the aforementioned company in agricultural research and production is the scientific processing of the most natural spice in Nigeria and beyond, known as Okpeye with our brand name as Okpe spice. Today, Okpeye which was hitherto being unhygienically prepared by villagers in our various communities is being processed in a well-built and effectively functional factory with ultramodern laboratory to ensure food safety without any preservative chemicals or additives. With the way it is packaged,one can travel with it to any place without perceiving the usual disturbing aroma.Note that its natural aroma is in tact and that it comes out while tearing it into the soup.

    Makers of packaged Okpei Spice

    Makers Of Okpe Spice

    Okpei Local Natural Soup Spice

    Food Technology Companies in Nsukka,

    Okpei Local Spice

    Okpei Natural Spice

    Okpei Spice

    Gtechno Interlink Nig. Ltd.,

    Gtechno Nig Ltd Nsukka,

    Natural food spice produced in Nsukka enugu,

    Natural spice,

    Natural spice producers in Nsukka Enugu Nigeria,

    Okpe spice,

    Okpei Spice

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