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People or Organizations that render both goods and services.

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    Epignoxis Technology Nig. Ltd. RC1180857 is a company with a singular vision to solve problems using custom technology or the application of already existing technology. We have been in existence for about 5 years, but has been legally functional for 4 years under the CAC. We love to solve problems, improve the standard of an existing system or environ and create solutions via products. We have various products under the Parent company Of Epignoxis Technology, such as ‘Vicilook’, ‘WebCraft’, ‘SecUr’, etc. Vicilook is a web product that Vicilook (Née Wiidin) Helps People ‘PutUp’, ‘LookOut’, Connect, Socialize & Get Updates On Important & Interesting Things In Their Immediate Or Other Vicinities. WebCraft is all about development and creation of Websites and Mobile Apps for Organisations and individuals. Some of our recent works for some organizations and individuals include, and SecUr is all about security creation, with the application of tech devices and softwares. We hope to see you soon, so that we create a brighter future together as we built something great today.

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    AUSTINO BUSINESS ENTERPRISE, 38 Obollo road, Opposite Cherubim and Seraphim Church Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria is Number 1 in Construction, Repairs and sales of all items of furniture such as: Sofas, Cushions, Tables of all types, Cabinets, Chairs for different purposes ( Dinning Room, Offices e.t.c) and dealers in different kinds of building and roofing materials such as: Cement, Nails, Zincs, Woods e.t.c. Motto: With God all things are possible.

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    EJIIKS VENTURES, P0 Oluchi plaza, obollo road, Obukpa Nsukka, Enugu state, Nigeria is into sales of all kinds of building materials, paints, agro chemical, industrial cleaning, screding and painting.

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    Kingsley Global Curtains Ltd, Ogige Market, Nsukka, Enugu is your one stop Centre for all your curtain and window decoration needs. Call us for all kinds of curtain designs and fixings, we even do contract jobs. Your home’s beauty is our priority. Best curtain dealer in Nsukka, Ogige Market, Enugu, Nigeria.

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    Chinwendu electronics technician is your best hand for every kind of electronic gadget repairs in and around the Nsukka area. He also specializes in the construction of solar inverters and charging systems. Contact us today for your most reliable services delivery on electronic repairs. ? ?