My Vicinity Weather

Find out what the Weather is in your current vicinity or any other. Use the data below as seen on the ‘Quicklook’ page of Vicilook after you login or signup.

That section as seen below, helps you know what the weather in your current vicinity is, based on the available data from accurate sources.

My Vicinity Weather

Looking at the image above, use the black bold letters connected to various sections to understand what their functions are (as written below)


A – This is the name of your current vicinity, which can be derived by clicking on the black dot ‘⚫️‘ , to enable you input the name of your current vicinity (Town) into a box, thereby enabling Vicilook provide you with the weather info of  that vicinity. ‘NSUKKA’ is the default name placed there when you visit the ‘Quicklook’ page for the first time.

B – This section tells you what the temperature of the assigned vicinity feels like. This info may vary by +1 or -1 from some other websites or app.

C – This section provides you with info about the speed and compass direction of the wind, respectively.

D – This section informs you of the Humidity of the vicinity and we describe it as the chances of it raining.

E – This section gives you the info of the Atmospheric Pressure of that vicinity.

F – This section tells you about the Ultraviolet Ray Radiation measured in that vicinity which is called (UV index). The UV Index is an important vehicle to raise public awareness of the risks of excessive exposure to UV radiation, and to alert people about the need to adopt protective measures. As part of an international effort, the UV index was developed by WHO, the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Meteorological Organization and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. Encouraging people to reduce their sun exposure can decrease harmful health effects and significantly reduce health care costs. The diagram below shows you details of the radiation levels (number), their impacts and some measures that are helpful to keep safe.

My Vicinity Weather

G – This section displays the Hourly Forecast of the weather in that vicinity based on the temperature and the sky’s content (such as Cloudy, Rainy, Thunderstorms, Sunny, Showers, etc as the icon depict).

H – This section tells you when the Sun would rise and set for that day, so it depicts as At when the day will start and also when it will get dark due to the exit of the Sun’s light in that area.

I – This section boldly shows you (even with icons) both the temperature of that vicinity and the nature or content of the sky (if it’s Cloudy, Sunny, Thunder-stormy, Rainy, Light Showers, etc).

NOTE: The infos you’ll see may not be what you’ll see on some other Weather or non-Weather apps, websites or channels, there might be variations. So you’re advised to compare infos seen on our platform with that of others seen on various other platforms.

Disclaimer: Infos we provide is made possible from data pulled from reliable sources like AccuWeather and various reliable sole Weather reading labs around the world.