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    Before my very eyes the Metro Patrol Police shot this guy in a bid to intimidate his driver into parting way with bribe,they previously held me to obtain from me. They threw away my papers as they flee the scene.

    I am posting this before they bury the evidence.
    I am an eyewitness,am ready to testify.

    This happened at Agulu before the Unizik campus.
    Source from: https://m.facebook.com/emmanuel.ebelechukwu/posts/pcb.1784817278277610/?photo_id=1784815628277775&mds=%2Fphotos%2Fviewer%2F%3Fphotoset_token%3Dpcb.1784817278277610%26photo%3D1784815628277775%26profileid%3D1276534469%26source%3D49%26refid%3D17%26_ft_%3Dtop_level_post_id.1784817278277610%253Atl_objid.1784817278277610%253Athrowback_story_fbid.1784817278277610%253Aphoto_attachments_list.%5B1784815464944458%252C1784815534944451%252C1784815588277779%252C1784815628277775%252C1784815678277770%5D%253Athid.100002480661209%253A306061129499414%253A2%253A0%253A1535785199%253A-6179163164045560920%26__tn__%3DEH-R%26cached_data%3Dfalse%26ftid%3D&mdf=1

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    Charles Nwankwo
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    Unbelievable, did you get his name & his cop no. ? Please try to the division / their command. This is wicked.