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Africa’s premier consumer technology show which holds annually. It provides the perfect platform to showcase your brand, network and connect

Before early 2020 when the then inexplicable Covid-19 unleashed on an unprepared world, the drive for the development of transformational technologies and their diffusion was poorly envisioned, planned, and implemented. Most often than not, investments in funding and developing technologies fundamentally drive both in purpose and value definition, business models and innovations that focus myopically on the what(s), and not the why(s) and how(s), vis-à-vis, quality, impact, and relevance of those innovations on the wellbeing of people dependent on those policies, solutioning, and investments.
Consequently, the larger needs of the environment and other dependencies in the eco-system with potential impact to the equilibrium are left neglected in favor of consumer technologies and other technological indulgence with no meaningful impact on posterity.
Little wonder why we are at such a crossroad today; where the current structures are ill equipped in their capacity to curtail natural disasters or forestall pandemics, manage information security and cybersecurity, sustain global supply chain processes, drive socio-technical infrastructure for city management, or evolve adequately to meet the changing needs of century-old telecommunications, transportation/commuting systems or the associative educational and workforce processes and systems brought on by the poor syntheses of technology and its sustainability.
At DACE 2022, we seek to explore how the ethos of capitalism that predated the 1st IR, and that accelerated the development of the West had created much of the world’s challenges. We will also explore how we can create better solutions that keep on giving on quality outcomes. Suffice it to say that the transformational development we are seeking to grow the Sub-Saharan Africa may lie in rethinking outside the box of extant ideologies of the West.
We will have capable intellectuals, policy makers in all sectors of the economy and relevant practitioners participate as panelists and speakers in these discourses.
We, therefore, need you: great thinkers, industry chieftains, investors, venture capitalists, techpreneurs, developers of technologies, researchers at the frontiers of knowledge, and all others who love technology and want to drive its development to join us in this exploration.
If you fall into any of these categories, you simply can’t afford to miss DACE 2022.
It is going to be a landmark event!
So, hurry and book your slot!!
Space is limited!!!
Our focus for DA 2022
Conversation at Digital Africa 2022 will be centered on the following:
• Policy
• Cyber Security
• Green Energy & Sustainability
• Digital Health
• E-Commerce & Logistics
• Education
• Fintech
• Startups and Funding
• Internet of Things
• Agriculture
• Artificial Intelligence
• Block Me Me Mechain Technology
DA 2022 Challenges
The following activities will commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Digital Africa.
• Digital Africa VIP Leadership Series
• AI/IOT Challenge (Nigeria Edition)
• Techie Girls Challenge
• Kids in Tech Challenge
DA 2022 Sponsorship/Exhibition offers organizations:
Network: Expand your network
Advertise your organization to promote or showcase a new product, service or solution;
When the Digital Africa 2022 doors open, have your company’s name, brand and products seen first. We have the tools to help your brand educate, entertain and drive attendees and media to your exhibit. Activate your brand through custom opportunities with exhibit space, VIP events and sponsored experiences, branding and promotional opportunities.
All opportunities are flexible, customizable and transitional. Let’s create an experience to kick-start unrivalled innovation and collaboration.

The Organizers
Digital Africa Global Consult
About The Organizers

Digital Africa Global Consult is an international ICT company promoted by professionals drawn from various fields of expertise including ICT, Event Management & Public Relations. We create a bridge between buyer, supplier and manufacturer, thus providing a channel through which international companies can expand their businesses into Africa with ease, less risk and profitability. We also provide platforms where:
– Innovation and creativity are fostered,
– ICT stakeholders come together to share success stories, ideas and network
– Key decision makers and regulators are influenced
As an advocate for Digital Technology, our aim is to promote the adoption, diffusion, and active development of digital technology in Africa. We want to make Africa an active participant in the creation and use of technology and for this purpose, we bring business leaders and organizations together to facilitate the continued, responsible growth of the African economy through the development of the technology industry.
We create a bridge between buyer, supplier and manufacturer, thus providing a channel through which international companies can expand their businesses into Africa with ease, less risk and profitability.

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